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Hollingford House built

Hollingford House was built c.1760 on the site of an earlier dwelling and was originally known as ‘Church House’

Prior to Arthur Lee purchasing the property for £1500 in 1929, the property had extensive gardens that stretched down to King Street and towards the station on Toft Road. This land was sold as a separate lot for £1000, which sadly Arthur Lee couldn’t afford at the time.


Victorian Times

Dr Peter Holland lived and worked here in the 1800’s. He had a general practice treating the local gentry such as the Egertons and the Gregs of Styal Mill.

His niece was Knutsford’s famous authoress Elizabeth Gaskell (b.1810 d.1865) who wrote many novels including ‘Cranford’ ‘Wives and Daughters’ and North and South’.

She spent time here as a child and her cousins Lucy and Mary were thought to be the models for the characters of ‘Miss Matty’ and ‘Miss Jenkyns’ in her famous novel ‘Cranford’.


Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee was a trained upholsterer and cabinet maker and moved to Knutsford from Cheetham Hill in Manchester around 1918.


Starting off in King Street

He set up shop and a workshop on King Street in what is now the ladies fashion boutique ‘La Boutique D’or’. He stayed here for 10 years before finalising the purchase for the now re-named ‘Hollingford House’.


Shop drawings circa 1929

Here are the original drawings for the proposed new shop front dated 1929, which besides a small extension is exactly as it stands today.


Edna Lee

Arthur Lee’s only daughter Edna Lee (b.1915 d.2002) came into the business and took it into an era of selling fine antiques and collectables. She married George Wragg in 1938 and he worked with her in the shop on his retirement.


Vernon Wragg

Edna’s son Vernon began working in the family business in the early 60’s carrying on the antiques and working strongly with the trade. It was the era of EXPORT and Arthur Lee was no exception, selling antiques to all corners of the globe.

He married Linda in 1973 and between them were to evolve the business again when the antiques market slowed in the late 70’s.


The 1980’s

Renamed ‘Knutsford Furniture Galleries’ in the 1980’s, the business moved fully away from antiques and on to successfully selling quality English made reproduction furniture.


Fourth Generation

In 2000 the business closed its doors for what was believed to be the last time, as neither daughter of Vernon and Linda wanted to continue the business in its present form.

However, 12 months later Vicky changed her mind taking the business back to its roots selling antiques and older 20th century restored items. Re-establishing her great grandfathers name Arthur Lee once again above the door. Her sister Helen joined the business in 2006, and together are the fourth generation to continue this long established family success.


Rooted in History

After many years we finally achieved a famous blue plaque on Hollingford House. Thanks to the timeless efforts of Knutsford Historian Joan Leach, linking the house to its literary roots.


Farrow & Ball

In our current stage of evolution in 2012 we became stockists for English made paint and wallpaper manufacturers Farrow & Ball. A real catalyst for change it put us firmly on the map and has since led us to embarking on a strong home interiors future. Now providing an eclectic mix of the antiques world with modern day furniture and accessories.


Cole & Son

In early 2015 we became stockists for another long established British wallpaper company Cole & Son. Cementing the now deserved re-brand and re-name of ARTHUR LEE INTERIORS.


Hollingford House, Toft Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0PD

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