Firstly can we apologise for having no online shop for our products here at Arthur Lee. 

We more than realise that this is the time for online browsing and sales as we enter the third (and hopefully final) lockdown situation.

We have never really had a terribly good up to date stock catalog online as we are dealing with hundreds of new one off products every month and sadly we only have a very small team to run the shop. We have always put our energies into running a gorgeous shop over being an online shop.

The past year has been incredibly busy both when we have been closed and when open and the website has sadly taken a back seat to the main event which has been running and maintaining the showrooms for visits to the shop.

We are currently working hard on a new website which will showcase new additions far better, however we will still not have all the products we sell online, it’s just too big a task to complete to a standard we would be happy with.

There is just no substitute for a shop visit with the type of product we sell, but we realise how frustrating it is to see nothing when we have no choice in our shopping options right now.

Please bear with us, and in the mean time, we are keeping our social media account updated with images as often as we can, so if you aren’t yet a follower, then go ahead and add us to your list!


Thank-you, and remember, we can be still be contacted if you have any requests or questions and we can help you in whatever it is you are looking for.

Stay safe and look after yourselves, we will be back soon…


Hollingford House, Toft Road, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 0PD